We Believe in Great Education for All Children

Education is a key priority in New Brunswick and is provided free of charge to children from kindergarten to grade 12 by two school authorities, one that is English and one that is French. While each school has its own culture, the program of studies offered is standard, as required by the New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. You can discover each school’s extracurricular activities on their website, and this list will vary depending on the size of the school as well as the availability of volunteers. Children with physical or mental disabilities will be assessed and provided with the necessary accommodations at school. We want to make sure every child has the chance to learn and grow.

Education Is at the Heart of This Province

The educational climate in New Brunswick, with its variety of programs, sets students up to thrive. The province boasts four public universities and one of the highest high school graduation rates in Canada.

School buses

School buses are available for most students. Check with your school for eligibility criteria.

Anglophone East School District

A Better Future Through Quality Education

The Anglophone East School District is an English shool district whose focus in on engaging students’ passion for learning. Students also have the option to learn French, either starting with early immersion in grade one or late immersion in grade 6, with most subjects taught in French.





Francophone South School District

Spotlight on French

The Francophone South School District is open to children whose parents or guardians learned French as their first language and still understand it, attended a French-language elementary school in Canada, or have a child who received or is receiving their education in French in Canada. A child with sufficient language skills in French may be admitted to a school in that language.






For more information or to register your child, you can communicate directly with the school districts. Please note that a permanent address in the region is required for registration.

General Information

Anglophone East
School District

The Anglophone East School District is the English school district for the Southeast region.

The Francophone South School District is the French school district for the Southeast region.

Post-Secondary Education

You’ll find universities, community colleges, and institutions specialized apprenticeships here for you or your child’s post-secondary studies.

Language Courses

You can find language courses in both official languages in the Greater Moncton area.

The Moncton Public Library offers Conversation Circles in French and in English.

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