Come Design Your Perfect Life in Southeastern New Brunswick

Are you ready for a change? Then it’s time to consider how Southeastern New Brunswick can offer you the job opportunities you’re looking for paired with the lifestyle you’ve been longing for.

On this site, you’ll find everything you need to design your life here. Newly launched, it has all the information you need about the community, housing, education, childcare, transportation, health care, and employment opportunities for your partner or spouse. But first, let’s look at some of the reasons why you should consider moving to Southeastern New Brunswick.

The East Coast Has Reason to Boast

You’ve heard right: the East Coast is booming. And we’re no exception. Southeastern New Brunswick has 7,000 positions that will need to be filled in the next three years in sectors like construction, education, finance and insurance, transportation, health care, and more.

Pair all these opportunities with our famous East Coast charm and you get something special: a place where you can find real connection and where you’ll have the time and resources to enjoy your life.

Urban or Rural, English or French: We Have It All

Whether you love the convenience of living in the city or yearn for a place that’s in the countryside, you can have it all here. In fact, you barely even have to choose. If you live in the city, it’s a quick drive to the ocean or the countryside. And if you choose a rural location, you’re a short drive to New Brunswick’s largest city, Moncton. We’re also known as the hub of the Maritimes, so even PEI and Nova Scotia aren’t very far away.

Added bonus: this region is bilingual, with many English and French speakers, so you’ll also get to live in a community that speaks your preferred language. But no matter where you choose to live, you can expect to chat with the friendliest people around, regardless of language.

360° of Nature, 365 Days a Year

Whether it’s the world’s highest tides, the warmest saltwater beaches north of Virginia, or two national parks, Southeastern New Brunswick is a region where nature is all around you. All you need to do is step outside your door to find an abundance of park trails and interconnected neighborhood trails that can be enjoyed throughout the region. And with our natural coastal beauty, hiking, beaches, and adventure are never far away.

But what about that favourite Canadian topic of conversation: the weather? Luckily, we enjoy beautiful, warm summers that are perfect for lounging on the beach, hitting the patio, or just reading a book in a hammock. Our winters, while snowy, come with mild temperatures so you can head out to enjoy your favourite outdoor activities year-round.

Welcome to a Laidback Lifestyle

Ask people what stands out for them when they visit the East Coast, and you’ll often hear the same thing: how friendly the people are. Part of our friendliness stems from enjoying a slower pace of life where we savour time with family and friends. See, we’re not into long, traffic-jammed commutes to work, stress, or not making eye contact. We’re into knowing our neighbours, striking up conversations in grocery stores, and generally being really nice.

Of course, if you come live here, you’ll enjoy much of the same laidback lifestyle and set yourself up to have the time, freedom, and amenities you need to design the life you want.

A Home You Can Afford

If part of your dream life includes owning your own home, there’s no better place to start house hunting than here. The average home in Greater Moncton costs $305,200, compared to the average home in Canada, which costs just under $662,440.

Being able to purchase a home that’s affordable means you can save for other things, like big life moments you may have been putting off until now.

A World of Opportunities

With 7,000 positions that need to be filled in the next three years across numerous sectors, now’s the perfect time to look at how Southeastern New Brunswick checks all the boxes you’ve been looking for as far as opportunity, affordability, and lifestyle.

The time is now. Come to Southeastern New Brunswick and design your ideal life.